Monday, February 2, 2015

Good Week

Well, this week we had some really good days and some really bad days haha. One day we had nine referrals! All of them are really good too! But, the next day was really slow and unsuccessful.
So we went up to Familia Calderone for lunch, but this time they are super excited to see me especially. They kept calling me chef and cook and then they pointed to the chickens. They also gave me a machete... So we had chicken nuggets for lunch! Pretty crazy.
We have been having a lot of luck in the new areas and the areas that are farther away from the Missionary houses, so the days we are there are usually the good days. We had divisions and I went with an Elder Itaehau. He is Tongan and loves his ukulele. We had pretty good success together, but he eats so much haha and so fast! It was actually interesting to watch... 
Anyway, I think we are going to be having a lot of success in the next change because of the amount of really good investigators here.
So James got his call huh? That is pretty cool! He will really great! How was kaitlin´s concert thing at the tabernacle? I really miss seeing temples all the time. It will just be that much cooler when I get back! 
I am no longer sick and I am absolutely loving it! Love hearing from all of you... Except for Brenden this week (he should know what I am saying) and love every one of you! I am doing great! See ya!

Elder Oxborrow

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