Monday, January 26, 2015

Finally Got Pictures!

So yeah, I finally have some pictures and not as much time... so this will be a bit short.

We had a baptism! Yay! But also I got sick again pretty bad... But I seem to have recovered so all is well. We baptized Jonatan on saturday in the greenest water I have seen in a baptismal font...

I am pretty sure we are going to have a couple more baptisms coming up here pretty soon so that is awesome! Francisco and Loordes are progressing very quickly and they have already gone to church twice! All is going very well and spanish is still pretty difficult, but I am starting to get the hang of it I think... We went to the beach today so that was fun! Anyway, we are gonna be going here soon so see ya! 

Con amor,

Elder Oxborrow

Monday, January 19, 2015

Sarcasm, as it turns out, is not universal

Hey guys! This week was an awesome week! We had a bunch of success! First off, one of our investigators, Francisco, that I have been here the whole time to teach, has committed to baptism! He came to church yesterday and loved it! We took over an area from some former Hermanas so we have so many investigators/ inactive members that we need to visit... We haven't had to go contacting because we already have like a hundred people on the list. So really awesome, but really confusing and stressful as well. The other day we took Gloria, an awesome member that lives near us, to some of the lessons. They went awesome, but the thing about Honduras is that there are a ton of churches! There are like five different churches on our block! So these churches love to sing and play guitar and clap. The only problem with that is how terrible EVERYONE is at singing around here! Not even kidding, I sound like Josh Groban compared to these guys! Whenever we hear them we have to ask, is that a bar or a church? So I say "Oh this is my favorite song" while they are singing and my companion laughs, but all the natives we were teaching were like, "Wait really? It sounds terrible." So we spent the next ten minutes explaining what sarcasm is... so yeah... 

To answer your questions, my zone doesn't include San Pedro Sula. I am what the other Elders call a "Jungle Rat" because I am in the jungly area. My area is called Nueva Campana. We mostly eat Baleadas down here which are tortillas (corn or flour) with manteca (an almost sour creamy thing,) frijoles, eggs, and if you are lucky, chicken. We have these almost every meal with the members. 

Our whole area only has one ward, so it is pretty hard to get the people that live like three miles away to go... (no one really owns a car) and we are about an hour and a half from the mission home...

Have fun at the dance Kaitlin! Just hope you don't get sent to the fairgrounds like we did... haha anyway have an awesome week everyone! I am doing great here! Love you guys!

Para Siempre Dios Este Con Vos,

Elder Oxborrow