Monday, February 9, 2015

Week 5...

Well... it is already the last week of changes. We are hoping that Elder Jones stays so that he can see all the wonderful investigators we have had be baptized. This week was a whole lot of trial and success, but I have absolutely loved the five weeks I have had. The person that said that you will learn more about yourself and the gospel in the two years on your mission than twenty years of normal life was absolutely right. 

Last monday night we made a huge pan of macaroni with real cheese and gave it to some of the families that did not have anything to eat that night. I always love doing that kind of stuff! We had a ton of citas with our investigators that fell through, but the really faithful ones always are open for our lessons. One of the biggest trials of this week was when Jose Antonio, one of our top investigators started avoiding us. He would pretend not to be home and send one of the neighbours to tell us that he was out. Then, he finally came out with the Book of Mormon in hand, (which we noticed he had clearly read because of his book mark in a completely different chapter) and told us that he could no longer see us. His wife was strongly opposed to us and his daughter refused to be present when we were there. It felt just like how Alma describes it when those he had taught were decieved  "my soul was racked." 

After that, we had a great last lesson with Mireily, who will be baptized on saturday. We also had plans to baptize two others, Francisco and Loordes. They are absolutely fantastic and love the gospel so much already. We told them that they could go to the temple on the 21st and do baptisms for the dead if they were baptized this saturday. This would also mean that they would have to go to church on sunday because of the rule that you need three church attendances for baptism. They decided to go for it! However, they did not come to church this last sunday. This means they will not be able to make it to the temple for a long time... We got pretty upset about that, but we couldn't stay upset because every time we visit them, the spirit is so strong! 

We have had a somewhat less productive week, but we feel that this week is going to be the week we really start to kick in into gear and get to work. We had another set of divisions, which was with the zone leaders this week. They are definitely the most obedient missionaries I have met in this mission. I have so much to learn from them and look forward to learning it! 

Other than that, I am doing very well! Love it here and look forward to the next change here! The people are wonderful and the members even more so. Love you guys and I hope Jarin had a great birthday. Love you and wish you a good week!

Elder Oxborrow

Elder Oxborrow
Misión Honduras San Pedro Sula Oeste
Apartado Postal 1956
San Pedro Sula, Cortés, Honduras

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