Monday, February 16, 2015


Well changes are among us! I am not sure yet if my trainer is staying here or leaving this change. He has four and a half months here so he is definitely eligible to leave. He and I really are hoping that he stays, but whatever happens is the Lord's will! 
This week was a really slow week up until friday. We had a couple service projects fall through and such, but we still had a pretty good week! On saturday, Mireyli was baptized by Hno. Santos, a convert of three years. It was his first baptism so he had to take three tries to get it right, but no one is perfect.
On sunday, Francisco and Lourdes were baptized! They were my first real converts, from the first lesson all the way to baptism! They are absolutely fantastic and they will have the chance on friday to go to the temple for some baptisms for the dead! I am so happy for them! They were my comps favorite investigators he has had as well. He has almost read the whole Book Of Mormon and has already started in The Pearl of Great Price!
I am completely extatic to be able to help these people learn how important they are to Heavenly Father! 
This week we also founda guy named Levi in an area we hadn't been before. We had a really good lesson with him and asked him to come to church, but he gave us the same answer everyone gives us here. That they have to go to their church at noon and the pastor might not be too happy. So, we bore our testimonies and left. Well, sunday came and he showed up at church! He waved to us from the back, but all the seats near him were taken. He came to us after and said that he would be coming here from now on because he felt way more welcomed here! Really awesome guy and I don't think it will take him long to get the answers he needs to be baptized! 

Also, I went to the zoo last p day so I have pics on that as well...

Anyway, love you guys and hope you guys have a great week! 

Elder Oxborrow

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