Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Week 1!!

Hola mi familia!
Mexico is fantastic! I don`t know where to start! So the plane ride was long, but when I got off in Atlanta, it was so flat! It was scary how flat it was! haha anyway, when we got off in Mexico, We had a long bus ride ahead to the CCM. It is surprising how big Mexico city is! It was a pretty dirty city, but somehow it was also really green. There were trees everywhere! We pulled in and went straight to dinner.  Yo creo it was a chicken Parmesan.  Anyway, we spent the rest of the day getting situated. I actually had no problem at all getting situated with the schedule, pero the language is pretty tough. Which is why some of these palabras will be in español. I`m trying all I can to use it todos de los dias even on p-day. Anyway,  we have great food here and the weather is actually quite fantastic! It is cool in the morning and around tres de la tarde, it starts getting hot.  It is way beautiful here! WOW! Las montañas es muy bella! I`ll get pictures next week, but for now you will have to trust me.  I never thought I would be so agradecido for any second of study time I could get!  I am learning so much more from El Libro de Mormón than I ever have!  Thank you guys for supporting me while I am out here! It is such a great experience and it has only been five days! (feels like two months) 

I have such a great District! We have got the District Leader Elder Allen, y Elder Murphy the one who can literally memorize anything. He already memorized the first vision en español! Elder Stromness who (pretends like he) knows all haha with Elder Mccarney, a football guy. There is Elder Skoubye who is a pretty legit guy, reminds me of Brenden with Elder Burke, a more introverted kinda guy, but once you get to know him, he really is pretty cool. Hermana Pace, who, ironically, reminds me of Mariah Pace, with Hermana Hansen yes mom the Hansen girl you know. Then there is Hermana Failner who we call Hermana Fresa porque her hair with Hermana Hansen, the other hermanas sister. Finally there is Elder Higginson a soccer lover who hates running so he won`t run in the mornings. He is companions with this really weird kid who usually just sits in the corner and cries the whole time, I think it was Elder... Oxborrow. haha most the natives call me Eldere Owburow or even "Eldere.... whatever" haha.  Speaking of the natives, what they lack in height, they make up for in speed! Learned that one in basquetbol! Anyway, It is now time for some volley ball championship so I guess I will talk to you guys next week! Con picturas! Me amo mi familia!
Con Amor, 

Elder Oxborrow

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