Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Last Week Here

Well after I talked with you on the phone, we had three Devotionals right in a row! Followed by Meet The Mormons! It was probably my favorite day so far! Christmas was great! Our teacher wanted to do something for us before he left for the States.  Everyone was saying churros. He brought Gringas, which Clay might be able to tell you about... not sure.  They were the tastiest things I have had in a month and a half haha! This last sunday I gave a talk on repentance and it went really well! I did not have to read anything I wrote down! That was the miracle of the week haha!  After that we watched the Mountain of the Lord. A fantastic movie on the Salt Lake Temple! I have absolutely been loving the time here!  One week left though, kind of sad about that. 
So story time. Yesterday, monday, we decided to play some futsol. (cage soccer) I knew it was pretty intense. They picked me to be the first goalie (I laughed too.) So I am standing in the goal and one of the natives has the ball coming at me. He kicks it up to his chest and before it hits the ground boots it into the goal. What he did not see was me coming towards him quite quickly. Well he trips over me and twists his ankle and gets put into a wheelchair.  What I then found out was that it was his second to last day here. So he is now out in the field with a bad ankle. I felt pretty terrible! 
That same day, our teacher left and we gave him a tie with our signatures on it before he left.  He was for sure the coolest guy in Mexico. 
Today we had a huge game of capture the flag for our p-day event.  We probably had forty or fifty people! It got pretty intense. Anyway we have choir practice now, so.. see ya!

Con amor,

Elder Oxborrow

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