Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Mexico City!

It has been quite a week here in the Mexico CCM! I taught the district how to play poison in basketball because we can't really play basketball with the hermanas... Anyway it is pretty much all we play now as a district. We fasted Thursday for someone who was thinking a lot about going home and such, and luckily they have gotten better since then.  We had a super awesome event on Friday that was a Christmas production about Christmas in Mexico!  It was a play type thing that showed how the natives saw that night, there was a bunch of dancing and singing! They had some pretty sweet costumes including the three amigos type costumes haha!  They also danced while doing a bunch of crazy moves with espadas and stuff!  It was cool.  Today we got to go to the temple! Even though it was under construction and we didn't actually go inside, it was awesome! Very beautiful!  The ride through Mexico City is crazy!  You are almost always three inches from another car here and people just j walk making it so much more difficult! haha That pretty much wraps up things here!  Glad to see I graduated! haha So clay wasn't as awkward as Brenden was?  too bad...  got a couple pictures this week... hope they actually send haha 

This is how Mexico City is all over.

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