Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Warm Weather

Last week I wasn't even able to tell you guys everything that happened because of my short time and it felt like so much was going on, but this week did pick back up! We taught our first "investigator" and that ended with a "baptism" haha. 
Oh I have a couple pics of life in the CCM. Hopefully it does justice to the beauty of this place haha. The food here is still pretty good with exception of like one meal every day they try to make American food, but something goes wrong. Like the mashed potatoes here should be called pureed potatoes. Anyway, moving on. Oh for the celebration of Guadalupe they lit the mountain on fire haha! I will see if I can get Elder Murphy to give me that pic. We got to watch the Christmas Devo from Salt Lake! It was really good! So much to learn from Eyring!  We also watched another Elder Holland video that, as usual, ran me right over with the gospel!  He talked about How much he loved his mission and how much we should too. If I could watch one talk from Elder Holland every day, I would still want more haha! Spanish is going well, I am starting to have conversations with people here that I can understand and take part in, but it is still mostly foreign haha! One Elder was really struggling with the language one day and Elder Murphy shared a scripture with him that put tears in my eyes by the end of the first sentence! Romans 8:35- 39. What a powerful missionary he is! For sure my favorite in the district! My teacher, Hermano Trejo will be going to Utah in January and might be able to stop by in Lehi so that's pretty cool! He's a little 5'4" guy that barely speaks English. This whole week has been filled with really loud bangs that kinda got people worrying, but that's just the natives celebrating with some sort of fireworks I guess. Oh, Dad you need to sing on sunday... so yeah...  Also I'll have to take you up on that taco offer haha. Congrats to Jenna, this time let's keep that cast off! Well most my time was wasted trying to get pics on here... sorry... 
Con amoroso pensimiento,
Elder Oxborrow

p.s. the word of the week is cerebro 

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