Monday, April 6, 2015

Conference was great

Well, conference has come and gone and how great it was! Priesthood sesh was easily my favorite! How great those talks were! Even though I could not understand everything, I could feel the power in their words! Fantastic to hear from everyone! We had a pretty slow week, but we were able to find someone that the Hermanas before us left in the carpeta. Apparently after two lessons, he left for a work trip and came back about a week ago. He told the Hermanas that he had recieved his answer and would be baptized before he left. When we talked to him he told us he had a few questions that he got from his work associates on his trip, but we were able to correct all these and we committed him to baptism as well. We recieved two new Hermanas so we pretty much spent all our time setting up appointments for them with members and helped them get to know the area. 
Also, There is not really easter here. They call it Semana Santa. Which is basically just that they all get off work and go to the beach and eat this really weird food called Miel. Super different! Haha Well That wraps up this week! 
Love ya!

Elder Oxborrow

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