Monday, March 23, 2015

Weekly Stuff...

Well this week was a very normal, quiet week, but we got a lot done. Yesterday we were able to bring six investigators to church! The only thing is that all of them had less than sixteen years... So yeah, we had a lot of lessons with little kids this week haha.
This week I finished reading the Old Testament! Yay! Never want to do that again haha... Just be thankful that we have the Book of Mormon... So much better... Now I am reading the New Testament. If you havent read it, I would advise you to read it! It has helped me so much to realize what it means to be Christ- like and what are his characteristics! It is fantastic.
Not sure if you remember Maynor, our really cool investigator, but we had a lesson with him on The Restoration and he told me immediately that he is going to be baptized. He said he felt something he hadnt felt before while reading from Nephi´s bold promise in 2 Nefi 33: 10-12! He has so much faith and it is awesome to be a part of all of it.
I recieved the credit card finally! haha after four months... Anyway, that is about all for me this week. We are working hard and loving it! Love all you guys! 

Elder Oxborrow

Note from another email:

If you want to know what music we are forced to listen to here just look up Romero Santos. Him or Prince Royce, both are quite popular here. It is called Bachata and at first I hated it, but I dont know what is happening

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