Monday, March 9, 2015

Happenings of the Week!

Well, this week was pretty great! To start off, on tuesday, Elder Zitting (the ZL) and I went on divisions to an area called El Chile/ Episcopal. We had a day of contacting here because we don´t have a single investigator there. We had a ton of success! One of the best parts of the day, however, was when we were walking past two guys playing basketball. The wife of one of the guys was sitting on the bench watching. Elder Zitting started a conversation with her and she was pretty shy. The husband noticed two guys in white shirts and ties interrogating his wife and he quickly came to the rescue.His name was Minor. Once we had a chance to explain who we were he seemed interested. We asked them if they would like to be baptized and start their journey back to Christ. They said they would love to. We were excited about that as we left, but we forgot to ask them where they lived. 
Well the week went on and we got busy in other places. Then, on friday we went to an area close to El Chile called Villa Isabel. I was sure that it would be hopeless to ask someone where they lived because I didnt even know if they lived near there. So we contacted a few people and went to leave. The member I was with Marvin (a 17 year old getting ready for his mission) asked me if we could do one more house, so I asked him which one he wanted to do. He chose one we had already passed and yelled "buenas" (which is like knocking on the door here) and out came a guy named Carlos. He didn´t seem interested at all, so dissapointed, Marvin turned to leave. That is when I felt to ask him if he knew a Minor. He surprisingly said, "yeah, he´s my best friend. He lives two houses down." He showed us the way and joined us in a lesson with him. We taught about the Book Of Mormon and Minor was absolutely in love with it! I think because of that, Carlos opened up, because after that he took us back to his house to share it with his family. Anyway, that was just a little miracle of the week that I got to be a part of! 
The work is going fantastic and I love to see the mighty changes that are happening in the hearts of those we teach! Every lesson we have just strengthens my testimony even more, whether or not they accept. 
Also side note, we are going to have the chance to listen to Elder Anderson on the 14th! How awesome is that! 
Anyway, love you guys so much and hope the best for this week and all it contains. Especially Shaynas wedding! Also the tennis team in Saint George...
Yo se que vive mi seƱor!

Elder Oxborrow

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